Welcome to the Mt Barker Church of Christ

 We are a group of Christians who know that living as Jesus wants is best done alongside others. We are people who know that we do not always get it “right” but we know that when we journey together we grow together. Jesus helped so many to find meaning in their lives when nothing around them made sense and we find that as we spend time together we discover more of that meaning through Christian community and service.

 Jesus hospitality to all people was remarkable – it says all of us are welcome. We seek to welcome all who we have contact with and to show them the same sort of hospitality that Jesus showed.

Showing the hospitality of Jesus calls us to serve others and so we run various programs to serve our community, including an op-shop, and providing a place for hospitality through 54 Friends.

We as a Church community are affiliated with the Conference of Churches of Christ in South Australia and the Northern Territory.

Our Sunday worship starts at 10am. There are a variety of small groups, bible studies, prayer groups and sharing groups- to find out when things are happening click on the What's On item in the Resources menu at the top of the page. Our church office is generally open from 9-30am to 4pm weekdays. All the information you need about us before you visit, can be found in our website - happy exploring - Grace and Peace!!

 Mount Barker Church of Christ

a place to find hope and meaning in the hills